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Tower of Samsara is a pixel art adventure game

Its a journey in which the player will seek spiritual ascension

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Tower of Samsara is a transfiguration

The player, longing for interior peace,

will undergo demanding challenges

that will ceaselessly test

his ascent towards Nirvana.

This epic journey will lead

to different planets

each being a representation

of a karmic state of the being

thus moving from infernal worlds

such as The Realm of Matter

to worlds that are closer to the divine

until reach of imperturbable awareness.

In these worlds there will be uncountable

obstacles and envious entities that will

try to steal your inner light.

Every obstacle we face in our journey

represents an opportunity

to overcome ourselves and our limits

understanding good and evil

two sides of the same coin

just like yin and yang.

Once the correct path is clear

the player will increase his karma

letting him continue his ascent.

The game features detailed high-res pixel art graphics, with immersive ambients, a lot of particles and 2D dynamic lightning.

  • BE the character and live an epic adventure - Full movement platform-fight adventure
  • EXPLORE planets of the solar system - Enormous hand-made scenarios
  • FIGHT dozens of enemies and gigantic bosses
  • FIND relics embedded with good karma - Hidden & Puzzless
  • SHARE your poetry with other players - Similar to Demon Souls, share a haiku with players that pass through the same spot

We'd like to announce that the game will be on kickstarter on May 3 2016

You can already bookmark this link: http://www.towerofsamsara.com/kickstarter

(Currently there's only a countdown, but it will redirect to the kickstarter page when the day comes)

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